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Passenger door assembled

by Ivan Sentch 15. March 2013 19:48

Passenger door assembled, driver door mostly printed (about another 3x days left). I'm falling a bit behind in assembling vs printing but that's ok



Passenger door printed

by Ivan Sentch 7. March 2013 07:24

Passenger door printed and partially assembled, Driver door is now printing. I'm also trying a new way of printing, some people have tried printing on a pane of glass coated with hairspray, I tried this but the prints wouldn't stick to the bed, I was about to go back to the old way when I tired using the kapton tape on top of the glass (instead of on the aluminium bed) and it seems to stick better to the glass than the aluminium and it seems to last about 3x longer so I don't need to change it as often and I don't get any prints that have pealed the kapton tape off the bed.


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