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Contact form

by Ivan Sentch 9. August 2013 10:54

FYI I've been getting a few contacts requests through the site with an invalid email, if you've not recieved a reply you've probably mistyped your email


Facebook Page

by Ivan Sentch 7. August 2013 20:15

I've had a few people request this so I threw a facebook page together, look for Replica DB4



Site issues

by Ivan Sentch 2. August 2013 08:53

Sorry been having site issues (just woken up and seen it), a lot of traffic lately (see Media page for all the article links)

Edit: Comments fixed (hopefully) also Paging fixed


72% printed but...

by Ivan Sentch 26. July 2013 12:48

72% printed but I've been preparing my house for sale so I've not had any time to assemble anything (so no new pics sorry)

The house is sold though (it was only on the market for 1 day before we got a pre-auction offer, after having spent weeks preparing it). New Zealand property market is really booming at the moment

But this does mean I've only got <2 months left before I have to move out so <2 months of printing at the rate I have been printing at so far, after that it'll be at a slower pace or on hold until the new place is built

Unfortunately title for the section (top right 1/4 of the image below) is looking like it won't be ready until March and another 6 months of building after that so if it does have to go on hold until I finish it's going to be a while

Also my hot end has blocked and in trying to clear it I've broken a bit of it so I need to wait for a new part to arrive before I can continue



45% printed, 35% assembled

by Ivan Sentch 3. June 2013 16:58

I haven't done a post for a while so here's an update, 45% printed, 35% assembled