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Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To 3D Printing

by Sam Frost of 3D Printer Plans 25. June 2014 15:45

Here's a nice beginners guide to 3D printing post Sam Frost of 3D Printer Plans has compiled and sent through...


3D printing is an awesome technology that has amazing potential to change the world for the better. From reducing waste in manufacturing to resurrecting skilled, highly-paying jobs, 3D printing definitely seems to be making the future brighter.

The meteoric rise of domestic3D printers that can be purchased for a couple of grand or less has also fuelled a desire for people all around the world to learn about 3D printing and how it works. Theres so much information online about 3D printing, and so many fantastic websites and digital communities sharing their knowledge, that it can unfortunately be a little overwhelming to know where to begin.

Thats why at 3D Printer Plans we decided to put together a comprehensive, free, and easy-to-understand guide to 3D printing for beginners. The aim was to create an all-in-one resource that will teach aspiring 3D printers everything they need to know to get started.

By the end of the guide you will:
*   Understand the history of 3D printing
*   Know its primary uses in a variety of fields
*   Have a sound understanding of how a 3D printer works (including how different printing processes work)
*   Be able to confidently purchase your first 3D printer
*   Have access to the basic software you need to get started
*   Know the accessories and hardware you need to produce great prints
*   Be able to use your new 3D printer safely; understanding maintenance and safe handling

Click here to read the beginners guide. I really do hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Sam Frost
3D Printer Plans


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