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First blog

by Ivan Sentch 1. February 2013 11:51

This will be a scratch built replica of a 1961 series II Aston Martin DB4, fiberglass body, space frame chassis using a donor car's bits (engine, drive train, suspension, etc).

The fiberglass body I will make by first making a plug, taking a mold from that plug and casting the body from that mold.

The donor car will be (at this stage at least, I may change my mind closer to the time of needing it) a Nissan Skyline GTS25T which is pretty cheap (about $4000 NZD if you're looking hard enough), fast (250Hp at 7psi and intercooled standard, no internal changes required to run 12psi), it's wheel track will fit the body (which is important as it's not easy to certify suspension modifications in New Zealand), and I'm already using this engine in my 250 GTO replica I built a while ago so I've got spare parts when I change that to a BMW V12 (much much later)

Once I've got the above I'll build the space frame chassis (can't design this until I can measure the suspension), I'll be tacking this together myself and then handing it off to a professional welder to complete.

Then attach the body, paint, interior, etc.


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