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by Ivan Sentch 7. August 2017 07:53

I've finished assembling the body (see below), next I'll make some fibreglass resin "peanut butter" to fill in the cracks (mix resin with chopped fibreglass and some other structural thickener) then I'm thinking painting the exterior in a thinner version of this ("mayonnaise"?) to add a bit of strength to it along with fiberglassing the inside edges to stop them flexing too much when I sand.

After this I'll add a few layers of something easily sandable (gelcoat or Duratec EZ Sanding Primer or something similar) then begin sanding

Just a side note, I've been using (a lot of) Tamiya ABS "glue" to stick these parts together - it's pretty good, it dissolves the surface of the abs and when it dries the two are welded together (so not actually glued) and this bond is stronger than the parts themselves.

However, I found supplies of this waning locally and stumbled on a 3D printing recipe: 50ml acetone with 3 meters of the 1.75mm 3D printer filament I had left over. Leave this in a (sealed) jar for about 24 hours and you have the best abs glue, far better than the Tamiya stuff - the bond is the same (as it's still welded abs) it dries in about 5min and I've even painted it on the surface of the 3D printer (I had a few missing pieces I had to re-print) which sticks the parts down really well (much better than the hairspray method I was using before - wish I would have stumbled on this sooner) but I would caution it's use for normal 3D objects - these were really really stuck down, they came off for me because they are only 5mm wide, if you had a bigger surface area you would not get them off


Body | 3D Printing

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2/11/2017 9:55:40 p.m. #

Great progress! I like the viewing lounge setup you have there.
Side note, what did you cover the garage floor with?


27/12/2017 5:30:00 a.m. #

Thanks, just some vinyl planking I had left over from the house


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7/03/2018 3:46:36 p.m. #

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